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    Contact details update

    SARS contact details update In certain cases, you have to visit SARS to update your contact and banking details.  If you have never had an Efiling profile, this needs to be done.  The following documents are needed in order to change your details: ID copy.  If a ID card is used, both sides of the card should be copied. Bank statement.  SARS now also accepts internet bank statements.  Ensure that your  name, surname and account number is indicated on the statement. Proof of address.  Utility bill preferably. The bank statement and proof of address should not be older than 3 months.   For more information on supporting documents

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    SARS email scams

    Avoid emails that claim to be from SARS, but are not sent from the domain sars.gov.za.  All SARS correspondence is sent from this domain, and do not open any of the attachments found in these emails.  This is how malware is distributed and will only harm your computer.  Stay safe 🙂  

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    Objection – Personal Tax

    Objection - SARS If you belief that SARS has not assessed your income tax correctly, we can assist.  We can recalculate your tax and advise whether there are any amendments that can be made.  Also if SARS has  not allowed all your deductions after an audit/review.   Debt We can also assist to make arrangement for deferred payments should you have outstanding debt at SARS regarding personal income tax.   Send an email to request assistance!

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    SPECIAL OFFER – Company Tax Returns

    Sars has already started sending out notifications to raise administrative penalties for failure to submit company tax returns. All active companies have to submit returns, even if they are dormant or have not been trading. R150 per return This offer includes submitting the return.  Financial statements have to be provided in order to do this.  If the company is dormant, no financials are needed.     Submit now to avoid administrative penalties.https://t.co/NOonHpfAI7#tax #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneur pic.twitter.com/OClME3CG0Z — Compliant.co.za (@CoCompliant) October 8, 2018

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    Tax deadline coming closer

    Remember that the tax deadline for individual payers is 31 October 2018.  There is not a lot of time left.  Ensure that you submit in time.  If you do not have an Efiling profile, register in time and ensure that your contact details are up to date at SARS.   Contact us now for assistance Also note that we can assist with objections, if your return has not been correctly assessed by SARS.  We also assist with SARS audits on personal tax. . The current turnaround time for reviews is 21 working days, audits 90 days and objections also 45 business days.  We also do logbooks for clients and the preparation…

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    Acrobat reader – New version for pdf

    Please take some time and download the latest version of Acrobat Reader DC, where some bigger than usual changes have been made.  All the reports from SARS Efiling uses this software and people are experiencing difficulties with the previous versions. Download new Version

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    SARS penalties for companies

    SARS has announced this week that they will be issuing 300 000 companies with penalties.  These penalties will be for the failure to submit company income tax returns.  Even if your company has been dormant, it is still necessary to submit IT14 returns.  After having the financial statements drawn up, this information has to be submitted to SARS via the IT14 return.  We also assist with annual financial statements. Make sure that your company's returns are up to date to avoid penalties. Read full article on News24 Email Us Now to assist in ensuring that you are compliant. We charge R300 per tax return.

  • CIPC

    CIPC – Company annual returns

    When you register a private company with CIPC, you have to pay annual returns to keep the company active at CIPC.  The annual returns have to be paid every year in the anniversary month of the company. . The price for annual returns are R100 for companies with a turnover of less than R1m and R450 for companies with a turnover between R1m and R10m per year.  The penalties for late payment are R150 and R600 per year.  Thus the penalties are more than the annual returns fee.   Contact Us now to get your annual returns up to date, and avoid getting the company being deregistered.  We only charge R150…

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    Bookkeeping – R500 per month

    Monthly bookkeeping for small businesses at only R500 per month.  This offer is valid for a limited time and includes the following: Pastel capturing - Monthly Submit VAT return every second month Submit PAYE return every month(Payslips at an additional charge of R50 per payslip) 2 Provisional Tax forms for the year. Once off payment of R1 000 for the Annual Financial Statements Contact Now

  • CIPC

    Company Registration

    We do company registrations at CIPC for a cost of R500.  Included in the registration is the following: Name Reservation Company registration Tax number BEE affidavit. Apply for a Company Registration

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